Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Antique Saint BERNADETTE Meerschaum Necklace

From our Saints Collection....

A stunning religious relic dating from C1890.

The representation of the death of Saint Bernadette is like none other! The carving has a brass frame. The stone material is Meerschaum. There is a nun praying at her deathbed and a statue of the Virgin Mary on the wall behind her. The detail is mesmerizing!

We mounted the piece on antique French Filigree bead capped Rosary Beads with a Sacred Heart 3 Way medal.

I added two Mother of Pearl Crosses and 2 antique French religious medals, including Saint Hubert, Saint Rocco, Our Lady of Grivegnee and Saint Genevieve, Patroness of Paris.
This piece could be worn or mounted on your wall with other religious artifacts for a remarkable presentation!

Rosary beads are a generous 32" in length and the Saint Bernadette carving is 1.75" by 2.25" not counting the bale.

Treat yourself to the best France has to offer.....

Lynn Konrad

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