Monday, December 29, 2008

France Self Shipment ~Packing Materials/ Airline Limits

Self Shipment ~Packing Materials/ Airline Limits

If you plan on purchasing only smaller items (or smalls as we say in the antique business)
We recommend you pay the extra and take your items with you on the plane.

In this case we recommend you taking your packing materials with you (You can easily do this in the empty suitcase or two you will be bringing along with you.) List~
Bubble wrap
Tape dispenser
Thick corregated brown paper
Weighing scale device

We found bubble wrap extremely hard to come by on one trip we were on in the south of France. We also had trouble finding the right words to describe it in French, which became a real challenge. We wasted quite a bit of time, energy and gas trying to locate some, so Si Vous Plait, take your own along with you, you can then enjoy the time drinking champagne, enjoying the people watching at a local bar, rather than driving around searching for plastic bubbles, you can be drinking them out of a glass and planning your next day of hunting!!!

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