Tuesday, November 8, 2011

French JEWELRY and Antiques in Los Angeles County ROSE BOWL November 13th

Freshwater Pearl Bracelets....

Religious Antiques....

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces...

We have a NEW permanent space... in the Antique Section.....Row M ...Space #9 (We are in the same row as the Woman's Restroom)

We are NO longer selling near the Entrance.
Please be certain to see me or Billye to be certain you are buying an Original FRENCHatHEART piece!

All of my pieces are now signed 'LBK", please look for my initials to guarantee you are purchasing a genuine Lynn Konrad piece.

We will be at the Rose Bowl antique Market, the second Sunday of this month.

If you need help locating us, please call (714) 310-0702.


If you cannot make it and wish to visit me at my studio in Huntington Beach, please call to set up an appointment!

For more information and directions, please click on the link below!


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