Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A guide to Eating in France

In France you will find various specialty stores and establishments.

For example:

Boulangerie~ generally is a bakery, however some sell sandwiches and cakes as well. However, do not expect to get a coffee at the same place.

Patisserie~ is a pastry shop, however you might find bread and sandwiches as well.

Café~ In small towns the local café is often the central gathering spot for conversation and meeting friends, some carry a full menu, especially in Paris, however some will have only a small selection of sandwiches and pastries.

Brasserie~ is a café doubling as a restaurant with a relaxed setting, which serves single dishes and other meals. It can be expected to have professional service and printed menus (unlike a bistro which may have neither), but more informal eating hours than a full-fledged restaurant. Typically, a brasserie is open every day of the week and the same menu is served all day
Boucherie~ a butcher shop, where you can find all sorts of meats
Tabac~ is the French word for Tobacco; a store licensed to sell tobacco products in France , they generally sell phone cards, candy and other assorted products, and you can generally get a coffe there as well.

bonne appetit

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