Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prosper, no matter what the papers say!

No matter what the financial and economic "experts" may say ...

Listen up to WAYNE WILLIAMS in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago:

Down here in the Caribbean, where I currently reside, the Government has recently announced that revisions will be made to their fiscal plans for 2009, in light of the (so-called) "world-wide economic crisis."
And the media (according to their mode of thinking) summarized the entire announcement as a call to one and all to ...
... "prepare for hard times."
No real surprise there. I'm not a journalist by any account, but I appreciate that, according to their mind-set, "bad news sells papers."
Nonetheless, I (and the rest of the population) had a choice to make upon the publishing of their headlines of "doom and gloom."
And the two points upon which we have to choose are mutually
A) Reject their prophecy of "hard times are a-coming," and begin working (both mentally and physically) towards the realization of prosperity, wealth and abundance,
B) Accept their suggestion and (almost immediately) become a point of attraction for poverty, want, lack and limitation.
I made my choice, in accordance with the following wise words, which just about everyone here will recognize:
"Do not read anything which fills your mind
with gloomy pictures of want or suffering."
I could have only made this choice, backed by faith in the ability (which I and every other person possesses) to realize prosperity.
And the only way to acquire this faith is by gaining an Understanding of how anyone may attain to Wealth.
And the only way to gain Understanding (whether of the subject of getting rich, or anything else) is through Studying.
And for that, I am Grateful.
"Behold -- it is all very good."